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About Us

Support staff meeting

ICE Systems LLC was founded in 2000 by 3 individuals with a combined 40 years in the computer and networking industry. The original business model was focused around providing specialized, LINUX-based network appliances called “ICEBoxes” that would fulfill targeted needs for growing organizations.


We manufactured and sold an ICEBox Office, for example, that was a dedicated LINUX server solution delivering all the features of typically found in Windows NT 3.5, including domain controller support and secure file sharing. The system was managed with an intuitive, web-based interface. Alternatively, the ICEBox Mail appliance would meet the needs for a full-featured, secure corporate email server.


As ICE Systems grew and diversified, the company moved more towards the sales and support of a wider variety computer and networking solutions. We looked for technology had been proven to be highly effective and affordable. Several of our current products and services now focus on cybersecurity.


ICE Systems has sold and supported products from the talented people at Proxmox for more than 15 years - even before PVE was released!


Our company is a strong believer in powerful and productive software applications built atop mature and feature-rich open source technology. We see Proxmox as manageable and scalable virtualization platform that rivals other costly commercial solutions.


As an experienced and valued Proxmox Partner in the US, our most important recommendation is that all users purchase a subscription for the PVE software. Sales of these subscriptions are vital to the future development and success of the company and technology.


We also recognize that many organizations in the United States will mandate a certain level of support for any key software applications utilized within their facilities. With this in mind, ICE Systems offers extended support contracts that will cover phone access and 24/7/7 availability.

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